The Swedish Music Publishers Association (Musikförläggarna) is launching a new initiative in Sweden called The Equalizer Project, which will focus on the role of women in the music industry.

Spotify and songwriter Max Martin’s MXM Publishing are also involved. The vision is to promote “a music industry where all creators – regardless of gender – enjoy equal conditions in which to succeed."

This is much needed when one looks at the statistics of women in music: Over the past 30 years, only 12 women have been nominated as producer of the year in the Swedish Grammys, with only four of them winning – compared to 195 male nominees, 49 of whom have won.

The Equalizer Project has several concrete policies to alleviate the situation. These include supporting women’s personal and professional development and making those in the business reflect on who they’re working with and why and encouraging them to diversify in recruiting. The project will include networking events, seminars and a podcast.