Cannes, 7 June 2017 - Ralph Peer II, Chair and Chief Executive Officer of peermusic and International Confederation of Music Publishers (ICMP) Board Member, was tonight honoured for his contribution to the music ecosystem at the 2017 International Midem Awards. 

Hosted by Paul Zilk, CEO of Reed Midem, the ceremony took place during a gala dinner at the Majestic Hotel in Cannes.

The International Midem Award was presented in recognition of Peer’s extensive leadership with peermusic (the company celebrates its 90th anniversary this year) and his outstanding dedication to the music publishing community at large. Peer is credited with a pioneering role in continually broadening the boundaries of genres; developing new models for the global music communities; promoting diversity; and for his commitment to defending songwriters’ rights and the value of music. 

“For nearly 50 years, Ralph has helped to develop, protect and value the music of composers and authors around the world. He is a quite simply an icon of the music publishing industry and this Award, which celebrates this status, is thoroughly deserved,” said ICMP Director General Coco Carmona.

On accepting his Award, Peer expressed his sincere appreciation to Midem for having provided a focal point over many decades for the music publishing business to congregate and discuss many issues of common interest. “Our sector has benefitted greatly by having this common ground as the world around us has evolved into an entirely different type of marketplace,” he said.

In an interview following the Awards, Peer spoke about the challenges facing today’s music industry. “A lot more needs to be done to help composers, songwriters and artists, and their creative and business partners to be properly remunerated in the digital age and to better reap the benefits of the digital world. All of us in the industry are watching the EU, which today has a golden opportunity to remedy the present transfer of value from creators to internet intermediaries. The EU should clarify the liability regime of those online platforms that are currently profiting from safe harbour provisions.” 

Asked about other current developments, Peer was optimistic. “I am very pleased that the US Copyright Royalty Board is considering a micropayment per stream model, which would cut through the lack of transparency and desultory low payment sectors of interactive streaming payment protocols. I am also encouraged by the growth of payments for lyrics, particularly the initiative being taken by Apple.”

Ralph Peer II is Chair and Chief Executive Officer of peermusic, one of the largest independent music publishers in the world, with a global footprint of 32 offices in 28 countries and over a quarter of a million copyrights in the company’s catalogue across all genres. He is also Vice President and Director of the National Music Publishers’ Association, has served on the Boards of Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (UK), Harry Fox Agency (USA), American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, and the Global Repertoire Database (UK) and is a lifetime Board member of the Country Music Association. Numerous recognitions for his service to songwriters and publishers have been awarded to him including those from the American Songwriters’ Hall of Fame, the National Music Publishers Association, and the Music Publishers Association (USA) and the inaugural ICMP Award for Outstanding Contribution to Global Music Publishing.  

The 2017 International Midem Awards were also presented to:

• Sarah Stennett, one of the UK’s most successful recording artist managers and Co-Founder of First Access Entertainment.
• Emmanuel de Buretel, CEO and Founder of Because Music.
• Andrew Fisher, Executive Chairman of the music identification app Shazam.