Russia CMO to be independently audited

Moscow, 7 February 2017 - Russia’s state sponsored collective management organisation RAO, has ordered an independent audit of its finances, while its new general director Maxim Dmitriyev has placed his music industry assets in a blind trust "to avoid conflict of interest”.

RAO has long been accused of a lack of transparency when collecting and distributing copyright royalties. The move appears to be an effort to increase some trust in the organisation.

In addition, as we previously reported, there have been calls for a government agency to take over the collective licensing of music rights in Russia. Many in the music community, including ICMP, oppose this move, as it could breach international practices, according to which, CMO members are permitted participate in the societies’ governance and decision making process.

And in a new development, the country’s culture ministry has suggested that a multi-territory licensing body could be set up as part of the Eurasian Economic Union. The ministry's proposal is difficult to comprehend, as the Eurasian Economic Union has never before dealt with issues related to royalty collection.