Cannes, 7 June 2019 – Axel Voss MEP, senior politician and the European Parliament’s lead negotiator on the EU Copyright Directive, has given a keynote address to the 2019 AGM of ICMP - the global trade body for music publishers. 

Mr Voss discussed the details of the industry-redefining legislation (most prominently it obliges online services such as YouTube to seek a fairer licence for uploaded music), recalled his work with ICMP and urged the music industry to be vigilant throughout the 24-month transposition period across the EU28. 

“Europe has tackled the question of the Value Gap for music online. The new Copyright Directive is a significant step towards ensuring online services play and pay fair.” - Axel Voss (Member of the European Parliament, lead negotiator on EU Copyright Directive).

“Mr. Voss has secured a quite remarkable law, all in the face of an unprecedented counter campaign. We'll be working with all 28 EU governments - and indeed others worldwide where there is a Value Gap for music - to ensure the best possible outcome.” - John Phelan (ICMP Director General) 


ICMP’s Global Board also convened in Cannes to discuss current and future issues for the industry. Chris Butler was re-elected as Chair of the Board and will serve to 2020. Chris is Head of Publishing (worldwide) at The Music Sales Group, Chair of MCPS (Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society) and represents the UK national Music Publishers’ Association on ICMP’s Board.

Appointed to the Board Executive were Nicolas Galibert, (Chambre Syndicale de L'Edition Musicale - CSDEM, France) as Vice-Chair, Ralph Peer II (National Music Publishers’ Association – NMPA, United States) as Treasurer, and Kathy Marsh (Music Publishers’ Association – MPA United States) as Secretary.

“The past 12 months have been the most momentous in many years for the music industry, from the Music Modernization Act in America, to Europe’s copyright overhaul and trade agreements in Asia-Pacific. It has been a privilege to chair ICMP in such times. I look forward to continued good work with Board colleagues, our Director General John Phelan and our worldwide membership.”-  Chris Butler (Chair of ICMP Global Board). 


Further to meetings of its Global Board, AGM, Pop Bureau, Serious Bureau and Production Music Committee, ICMP issued its 2019 Annual Report, outlining its worldwide work over the past 12 months. 

“Growth has been the byword of 2019 so far for ICMP – we’re delighted to welcome four new members in Concord Music and national associations from Israel, Georgia and Nigeria, enabling us to represent Majors, Indies and 51 national associations across 5 continents. ICMP will continue to work to be at the forefront of music industry evolution and regulatory change on behalf of its members.” - John Phelan (ICMP Director General).