A collective of music publishers, record labels, collecting societies and others in the music sector have today published a code of conduct aimed at addressing cases of "stream manipulation" of online music. 
Stream manipulation involves the artificial creation, by human or non-human means, of online of offline plays on audio and audio-visual streaming services.
The International Confederation of Music Publishers (ICMP), the global trade association representing the 3 Majors, Indie publishers, 51 national associations across 6 continents and hundreds of SMEs is in support of this initiative. 
"Manipulating streamed music causes economic harm to streaming services, right holders and musicians alike. Any such manipulation distorts data and affects royalty streams for those who invest in, create and distribute music. This code is a signal from across the industry of our determination to tackle it where it arises. The motivation is ever greater translation and fairness. The  Code contains measures to be taken by everyone in the industry to detect and mitigate against this problem. It's great to see such collaboration from across publishing, labels and service  providers, " commented ICMP Director General John Phelan.
ICMP is available for on and off record comment and interview (print and broadcast).