ICMP held its biannual EU Training Day at its headquarters on 28 November. ICMP Board Members were in attendance as were national Music Publisher Associations from Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, the UK and others.

Items on the agenda aimed at making sense of the Brussels' bubble and included :
•    How the EU legislative process works and how to influence it;
•    Conventional print and broadcast media guidance and presence generation (EU correspondent for The Sunday Times, formerly with the FT, Andrew Byrne);
•    Social media engagement guidance, with a focus on Twitter; 
•    Spotify’s priorities and how it interacts with the EU lobby (Legal Director of EU Regulatory Affairs, Spotify, Olivia Regnier). 
•    Discussion on policy priorities for music publishers 
•    Visit to and meetings in the European Parliament with MEPs Mary Honeyball and Helga Trüpel. Both politicians have been and will continue to be central to Europe’s copyright reform in these crucial next months.

ICMP would like thank everyone who took the time out of their busy schedules to come to Brussels for the Day.