Cannes, 7 June 2018 - ICMP, the International Confederation of Music Publishers yesterday held its Annual General Assembly during Midem in the presence of some 40 publishers and other key players from the music industry. A new Board and Bureaux for the term of 2018-2020 were elected.
Ad Heskes (NMUV, the Netherlands), Jodie Ferneyhough (CMPA, Canada), Paolo Franchini (FEM, Italy), Kagenobu Kuwahata (MPAJ, Japan), Ralph Peer II (NMPA, US), Benjamin Bailer (DMV, Germany), David Alexander (MPA-SA, South Africa), Halit Uman (CSDEM, France), David Kassner (MPA UK, UK), Teresa Alfonso (AEDEM, Spain). Paolo Franchini was elected Chair of the Popular Bureau and Teresa Alfonso was elected Vice Chair.
Chris Butler (MPA UK), Kathleen Marsh (MPA US), Antal Borankay (Hungarian Music Publishers Association), Axel Sikorski (DMV, Germany), Claude Duvivier (CEMF, France), Davo Van Peursen (VMN, The Netherlands), Jari Eskola (FMPA, Finland), Laura Moro (FEM, Italy), Susumu Morikawa (MPAJ, Japan), Cecilia León Rodrigo (AEDEM, Spain).  Kathleen Marsh was elected Chair of the Serious Bureau and Axel Sikorski was elected Vice Chair.
Elected to the Board of Directors were:
Nicolas Galibert (CSDEM, France), Ralph Peer II (NMPA, US), Kagenobu Kuwahata (MPAJ, Japan), Jodie Ferneyhough (CMPA, Canada), Ian James (AMPAL, Australia), Chris Butler (MPA UK), Kathleen Marsh (MPA US), Pekka Sipilä (FMPA, Finland), Götz von Einem (DMV, Germany), Paolo Franchini (FEM, Italy), Guy Henderson (Sony/ATV), Andrew Jenkins (Universal Music Publishing), Steve Clark (Warner Chappell), James Fitzherbert (IMPA), Ama Walton (BMG Rights Management), Pierre Mossiat (IMPF).
The Executive Bureau was appointed by the newly elected Board with unanimous approval for Chris Butler to continue serving as Chair, Nicolas Galibert and Guy Henderson as Vice Chairs, Ralph Peer II as Treasurer, and Götz von Einem as Secretary.
 “I would like to welcome the Board and Bureaux to the confederation,” said ICMP Chair Chris Butler.  “These two-year appointments are critical to the success and smooth running of our Confederation and I look forward to our continued collaboration over the coming year.”