Society Publisher Forum

Location: BUMA/STEMRA offices in Amsterdam.


1. 9.30am Opening of the meeting and miscellaneous announcements

2. Approval of the report of the previous meeting (Barcelona, October 2016)

3. Update on X-Industry projects (20 minutes) - Report on the ISC and Experts Groups meetings in Vancouver (20 minutes) - Report on the BTC Meeting in Vancouver (20 minutes) Reporter: José Macarro (CISAC)

4. CAF update (1 hour) Reporter: CAF subgroup

5. AV update: Music in Commercials Reporter: Dee Hale (Sony/ATV)

6. 1.30pm Update on CWR 2.2 and CWR 3.0 (4 hours) Reporter: CWR subgroup

7. Election of Society Publisher Forum Publisher co-chair Reporter Gustavo Gonzalez, ABRAMUS and Society Co-chair

8. Date and venue of the next meeting. Week of October 23, 2017 Nashville.

9. 6pm. Closure of the meeting