ICMP believes it is important to allow competing licensing models to develop around common high standards of representation, accountability, transparency, good governance and efficiency. Collective Management Organisations (CMOs) should benefit from a level playing field in Europe, while being subject to comparable rules of operation, transparency, governance and scrutiny by competent authorities. At the same time, CMOs should offer a comparable service and similar degree of accountability towards their members.

ICMP welcomed the adoption of the Collective Rights Management Directive, which will promote greater transparency and better governance of CMOs and facilitate multi-territorial licensing of musical works for online use in the EU and EEA. This will make it easier for service providers to obtain the necessary licences for music to be distributed online across the EU and to ensure that revenue is correctly collected and fairly distributed to rightsholders for the benefit of authors, composers and publishers, users and of course, the CMOs themselves.

We are however concerned that there several Member States have not implemented the Directive. ICMP therefore calls for the rapid and proper implementation of the Directive by all countries.