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Meet the music publishers

How did you get into music publishing?

My father started working in music publishing when he set up Essex Music in 1955. My older brother was chosen to take over the business, which he did for a few years, but then decided to move to France. I was next in line.

IP Summit 2017 - First look

The 12th edition of the IP Summit will take place in Brussels on 7 & 8 December 2017.

This high-level conference will gather 450 practitioners to discuss the timeliest IP issues and EU reforms related to patent, copyright, trademark, design and new technologies.

WIPO ruling stops Spanish system of manipulating television revenues

Brussels, 21 July - WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization, yesterday issued a binding decision on the arbitration procedure initiated by Spanish music publishers associations (Organización Profesional de Editores de Música – OPEM, and Asociación Espanola de Editores de Música – AEDEM

AEDEM statement at SGAE's Board Meeting on 28 June

Dear colleagues,

Below is a statement from AEDEM’s music publisher representatives in SGAE, Alma Martínez, Cecilia León and Javier Briongos, which was presented at SGAE’s Board meeting on 28 June:

Search engines can be compelled to remove illegal sites from results

Ottawa, Canada and London, UK, 28th June 2017 – In a landmark ruling, the Supreme Court of Canada has today issued a judgment confirming that Canadian courts have the power to compel search engines to take effective action to remove illegal sites from their search results both in Canada and world

Police raid SGAE, 18 detained

Spanish police have raided the offices of local collective management organisation SGAE as part of an investigation into various members of SGAE and employees of several television stations.

They are investigating the collection of royalties for music played on late night television.

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