Dear colleagues,

Below is a statement from AEDEM’s music publisher representatives in SGAE, Alma Martínez, Cecilia León and Javier Briongos, which was presented at SGAE’s Board meeting on 28 June:

“Following the recent judicial inquiry into the so-called ‘wheel’ of television companies, we would like to state that:

The publisher members of AEDEM, together with the rest of our colleagues and some representatives from other sectors, have denounced these irregular practices from the outset. We have always opposed these immoral actions by using the following tools at our disposal:

- We voted against the policies that favoured these irregular practices.

- Together with our colleagues, we filed two claims for legal action.

- We launched an arbitration process to try and force the SGAE Board to approve a regulatory modification that would have guaranteed the fair distribution of royalties from television companies.

- Through the Executive Board and the Working Group on Statutes and Regulations, we have repeatedly called for a modification to the Society’s rules in order to fix this situation and to ensure that appropriate sanctions are put in place according to the act committed. It is unthinkable that, in a so-called transparent Society, members who have been disciplined for serious reasons still retain the same rights as all other members. We would like to point out that one of our colleagues actively intervened in the Disciplinary Committee that brought about these sanctions.

- For over a year, AEDEM has been pushing for a change in the rules in order to halt the registration of false arrangements of works in the public domain. And we have pushed for this change, not only for our sector and our association, but also for the many composers who are aware of this fraudulent practice and do not understand why SGAE has not taken the necessary measures to stop it.

- We have notified many government institutions as well as local, national and international authorities of the abusive use of works that are broadcast at night with the connivance of the publishing arms of television companies, which has caused serious harm to the entire music sector.

We want to make it clear that we, the music publishers of AEDEM, together with the rest of our publishing colleagues and some members from other sectors, have separated ourselves from the rest of the SGAE Board in each and every vote and action taken by different government bodies, committees and working groups of SGAE, in relation to the ‘wheel’ of television companies."

Teresa Alfonso , President AEDEM