Search engines and creative industries develop anti-piracy code of practice

Rightsholders and search-engines in the UK have agreed on a new voluntary code of practice to curb links to copyright-infringing content.

The code aims at demoting illegal sites once search engines receive notices from rightsholders. It also promotes technical consultation, more co-operation and information sharing.

The code was developed by British Phonographic Industry (BPI), Motion Picture Association, Alliance for Intellectual Property, Google and Bing. The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) led the discussions, with the assistance of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). 

Commenting, BPI boss Geoff Taylor said: “The code will not be a silver bullet fix, but it will mean that illegal sites are demoted more quickly from search results and that fans searching for music are more likely to find a fair site.” Our member on the ground, Music Publishers Association UK, has actively called for such a code of practice to be adopted.